Tech Rules


**All fluids must be contained/ No Leaks


**Battery must be properly tied to the chassis of the vehicle. No ratchet straps. Battery positive terminal must be covered. No battery boxes made of plastic. All mounts should hold the full weight of the battery and be metal.


**All vehicles must have an accessible fire extinguisher held down with a metal bracket


**Tow hooks/ tow points to move car off the track are required, front and rear. If you break down we are not responsible for any damage to your car getting it off track. Have tow points ready to go to prevent damage


**All suspension and brakes must be in proper working condition. Go over your car before you come out. Any parts with excessive play will prevent you from being able to drive


**All body panels, bumpers, etc must be secured to the vehicle. Loose panels will require removal before driving at the track


**Minimum 4 point roll bar required for convertibles. It must extend past the occupants head(s) while they are wearing a helmet.


**All lug nuts/bolts must be present and be properly tightened.


**Seats must be secured by at least 4 mounting points and should have little to no movement. Sliding rails are okay.


**Snell SA2015 or newer helmet is required for all occupants


**All shoes must be closed toed for anyone in the vehicle


**Proper safety restraints such as:
-Stock Seat, Stock Belt, No cage
-Bucket Seat, Stock belt, No cage
-Bucket Seat, 4 Point+ Harness, Harness Bar, No Cage
-Bucket Seat , 4 Point+ Harness, Cage


**If you fail tech, you will NOT be drifting until you pass tech. NO EXCEPTIONS

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